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Alice Ventures maintains an extensive network throughout Europe

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As a leading European venture capital firm with a total of 170 million euro under management, Alice Ventures has the opportunity to invest in companies it has nurtured from early stages by following the entire process of a company’s investment cycle from seed to pre-IPO.

Current funds under management include:

MB Venture Capital Fund I
A traditional early stage fund that invests an average of 4-8 million euro per company.

Alice Lab
A seed fund that invests an average of 1 million euro per company.


Alice Ventures investors come from a wide range of business sectors covering the financial world, industrial sectors involved with high tech, the Pharma industry, as well as from media and branded goods.

The multi-faceted nature of its investors provides the firm with two very distinct advantages: On the one hand, being backed by major European corporations provides investee companies with direct access to potential markets. On the other hand, having numerous investors allows Alice Ventures to operate according to fully independent decision-making processes – a crucial element that can determine the fate of a start-up.

In addition to funding, investors are available to provide professional expertise, market opportunities and exit strategies.


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Alice Ventures has an extensive network of alliances throughout Europe that enables serving the interests of both investors and founders in the most beneficial manner.

The combined personal networks of Alice Ventures partners provide direct access to top management in target markets.

Alice Ventures investors include leading players in the financial, industrial, medical, media and branded goods markets.

Alice Ventures cultivates close relations with major academic institutions in the UK, Israel and Italy, and is always fully updated on technological and business developments.

Public Agencies
Alice Ventures is affiliated with public agencies that can supplement investments with additional sources of funding.

Venture Capital
Co-investing with other venture capital firms provides a steady flow of opportunities and also simplifies raising additional funding for our portfolio companies.

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