Investment Focus
Alice Ventures invests in people that have developed disruptive technologies destined to impact major markets in a big way.

The focus is primarily on life sciences, semiconductors, information and communication technologies, which represent the main areas of excellence in Israel and the UK, and best suit the partners’ combined skill set.


Alice Ventures invests its time and resources in backing entrepreneurs with genuine technological breakthroughs that have a tremendous amount of business potential and ultimately impact their designated markets in a significant manner.

Ongoing Support
We provide various levels of support depending on the investment stage. Whether you are just starting out and require extensive input or are in a more mature stage, there are four areas where we help all our portfolio companies: defining strategies, opening doors, recruiting executives and fundraising.

Our support is extended from the very early stages, even in cases where there is not a full management team in place. However, certain criteria must be met for any type of investment and they include good people, innovative products, intellectual property assets, groundbreaking technology, and falling in our areas of investment where the Alice Ventures team is well grounded. We also have a policy of supporting our portfolio companies throughout difficult times.

We look forward to hearing from you and helping you create the perfect conditions for ensuring success.

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